A New Use for Marine Foghorns

Marine foghorns, or fog signals, are typically used as navigational aids for harbors, ships and offshore rigs. The sound emitted from a fog signal can reach upwards of 140 decibels, capable of reaching distant locations at sea. These foghorns provide additional safety to boaters by alerting them of the presence of potential hazards and other ships. But while offshore safety is their primary use, one mainland university has found a new function for foghorns.

Safety in Action

Alfred State College, a university located in a land-locked portion of New York, experienced several bouts of inclement weather during the school year and was in need of a redundant emergency alert system. Cell phone SMS was one avenue of alerting campus goers, but in the event of power outages or a failure of back-up systems, the university has since implemented self-contained marine foghorns from Essi Corporation as part of their campus security system.

Specifically, Alfred State College purchased the FaradicWave 6, a fog signal capable of emitting a sound loud enough to reach the entire campus at any time of day or night. The distinctive sound differs from any other alarm in the area, which ensures that students will immediately take notice in the event of a campus-wide emergency. With solar-charged battery power, this foghorn is not susceptible to power outages and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it an ideal solution for the emergency alert system.  

According to Alfred State officials, the fog signal will only be used in the event of serious on-campus emergencies. This foghorn siren will operate in conjunction with the university’s SUNY Emergency Alert, which is an all-hazard notification web-based portal that allows the administration to send campus community members SMS alerts, phone calls, faxes and emails.

A Leader in Offshore Safety

Unlike road systems on the land, traveling by sea does not have many built-in navigation options. That is why it is important for boats, harbors and rigs to invest in navigation aids. Whether your safety needs are on land or at sea, Essi Corporation has the tools you need to ensure safe navigation and communication for your offshore or onshore operation. To learn more about superior offshore safety solutions, visit Essi Corporation online or contact one of our representatives.