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Guidelines for Maritime Aids to Navigation

While companies are responsible for purchasing and deploying the visual (lights, buoys and daymarkers) and audible (fog horns) aids to navigation (AtoNs), their proposed safeguards must first gain U.S. Coast Guard approval through a Private Aids to Navigation Application (CG #4143) or a buoy-specific application (CG#2554). These regulations  ensure every navigational aid in use meets appropriate safety standards for the open water.

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A New Use for Marine Foghorns

Marine foghorns, or fog signals, are typically used as navigational aids for harbors, ships and offshore rigs. The sound emitted from a fog signal can reach upwards of 140 decibels, capable of reaching distant locations at sea. These foghorns provide additional safety to boaters by alerting them of the presence of potential hazards and other ships. But while offshore safety is their primary use, one mainland university has found a new function for foghorns.

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