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Applying SCADA Services to the Oil and Gas Industry

SCADA services are providing a growing number of industries with sophisticated monitoring, control and data acquisition for management systems around the world. For the oil and gas sector in particular, however, it’s a primary component of both terrestrial and offshore safety. Due to its long distance use and versatility, SCADA is perfect for oilfield companies operating in remote locations. Here are some of the ways that SCADA is helping the oilfield automate safety efforts and monitor operations around the globe.

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A New Use for Marine Foghorns

Marine foghorns, or fog signals, are typically used as navigational aids for harbors, ships and offshore rigs. The sound emitted from a fog signal can reach upwards of 140 decibels, capable of reaching distant locations at sea. These foghorns provide additional safety to boaters by alerting them of the presence of potential hazards and other ships. But while offshore safety is their primary use, one mainland university has found a new function for foghorns.

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