Applying SCADA Services to the Oil and Gas Industry

SCADA services are providing a growing number of industries with sophisticated monitoring, control and data acquisition for management systems around the world. For the oil and gas sector in particular, however, it’s a primary component of both terrestrial and offshore safety. Due to its long distance use and versatility, SCADA is perfect for oilfield companies operating in remote locations. Here are some of the ways that SCADA is helping the oilfield automate safety efforts and monitor operations around the globe.

Terrestrial and Offshore Safety. Exploration, extraction, processing, storage and transportation operations all involve large-scale, highly complex, high-risk, automated processes. Equipment must function continuously at optimal levels. Regulations governing worker and environmental safety narrow margins for error still further. Conditions are demanding, with time a luxury.

Mission and Setting. Meanwhile, every measurement from every piece of equipment is critical. Boreholes, wellheads, pumping or compressor stations, separators, valve stations and metering stations are just the start. Each needs operational controls, shutdown systems, fire and hazard detection systems, metering systems and reporting capabilities. Moreover, data is all-inclusive, accounting for every condition and contingency: flow rates, pressures, temperatures, injection rates, sand or other material content, tank levels, leaks, power loads, vibration and more. It’s the perfect mission and setting for SCADA systems.

Decision-Making. Benefits come in the form of managers and upper-level decision-makers being able to receive complete field data from widely dispersed wellheads. Upstream, for example, RTUs and SCADA systems can not only manage what happens at a site but actually coordinate team-based sub-processes. Properly designed, SCADA technologies can oversee and help coordinate everything from power flow and drilling parameters to water management, wellbore integrity and pumping efficiencies.

Incorporating SCADA Into Your Company’s Operations

With offices in Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Essi Corporation offers complete SCADA services for both terrestrial and offshore drilling and production operations. We’ve been designing, sourcing, installing, hosting and monitoring SCADA systems for over 25 years. We offer our own satellite alarm callout boxes that work in any remote location. They provide SMS, email and voice notification of events. Together with a web portal that displays unit location, alarm status and alarm history.  ESSI also has its own satellite based MODBUS transceiver that facilitates MODBUS connections to remote field devices.

We understand the critical importance of customizing RTUs and telemetry services to each unique site. Equally important, we ensure you’ll have secure, real-time connectivity among all of your devices, whatever the configuration. Make terrestrial and offshore safety a priority.

Call us at (337) 837-3774, or view our SCADA Services page to learn how you can benefit from incorporating SCADA technology into your daily operations.