SCADA Services

SCADA services from Essi Corporation help you minimize exposure and maximize accountability. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) provides the ability to monitor and control processes throughout multiple sites. A robust SCADA system saves time and money by eliminating the need for expensive service personnel to conduct on-site inspections and to collect and log data.

With Essi SCADA services, you can remotely monitor, control and respond to environmental factors at your site. Integrated connectivity of multiple devices and equipment with secure, real-time and reliable reporting of mission-critical processes, means you are virtually present 24/7, 365 days a year.

From construction, site preparation, equipment sales and customization to installation, hosted monitoring and alarms, our SCADA services division provides telemetry services for a range of needs. And with offices in Louisiana, Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the division is well equipped to service the demanding shale drilling and production industry.

Our experienced team works with you to design, source, install and monitor complete SCADA service solutions including Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) control panels with point-to-point or point-to-multi-point communication, wellhead monitoring, compressor monitoring, separator monitoring, tank monitoring and frac pond monitoring.

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  • Installation instrumentation and electrical (I&E)

    Essi’s I&E team prepares your site by installing the appropriate transmitter hardware for monitoring. Because our technicians are experienced in multiple equipment configurations and manufacturers, they are adept at designing custom solutions that address both form and function for unique client and site-specific requirements.

  • Remote Facility Monitoring (I&E)

    The Essi-hosted monitoring and communications interface provides real-time, reliable reporting of critical facility components needed to monitor and control remote sites. RTU panels allow for point-to-point or point-to-multi-point network communication and provide monthly, historical batch measurement totals for comparison. Facility monitoring and automation also encompasses:

    • Wellhead monitoring for tubing and casing pressure, flow line temperature and flow rate
    • Compressor monitoring for pressure, temperature and on/off status
    • Separator monitoring for high-level alarm, pressure and temperature
    • Tank monitoring for levels, tank level alerts and automatic shut-down capabilities

    Essi’s web-hosted SCADA server features a triple redundant power supply, data storage and an Internet backbone for maximum security and performance. It also includes the capability for voice, SMS or email notifications of threshold alarm settings. Historical data can be provided as trend charts or exported to Excel.

  • Smart Field Monitoring

    Minimizing the need for dedicated personnel to physically inspect remote devices, Smart Field monitoring reduces your overall cost, exposure and liability. Essi’s proprietary Smart Field technology collects and transmits operational data from our BrightStar Class A 3nm-5nm lanterns and.05 or 2 nautical mile fog signals via an SSL secured interface. Monitored data includes:

    • Battery voltage
    • Lantern Operational Status (on/off state)
    • Fog signal operational status (2 hour delay, horn muted)
    • Faults and malfunctions (driver failure)

    Through alerts sent via email, text or voice, our customers are immediately aware of any device outage, low voltage, fault, malfunction or incident of non-compliance. Essi’s Smart Field monitoring features triple redundant power supply, data storage and internet backbone to maximize security and performance.

  • Frac Pond Monitoring

    SCADA services also give our customers the ability to monitor exactly how much water is in their frac ponds at any given time, ensuring the highest frac site productivity possible. Our frac pond monitoring uses state of the art technology and includes multiple levels of support.

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