Smart Field Monitoring

monitoringMinimizing the need for dedicated personnel to physically inspect remote devices, Smart Field Monitoring reduces your overall cost, exposure and liability.

Essi’s proprietary Smart Field technology collects and transmits operational data from our BrightStar Class A 3nm-5nm lanterns and.05 or 2 nautical mile fog signals via an SSL secured interface.

Through alerts sent via email, text or voice, our customers are immediately aware of any device outage, low voltage, fault, malfunction or incident of non-compliance. Essi’s Smart Field Monitoring features triple redundant power supply, data storage and internet backbone to maximize security and performance.

Monitored data includes
•  Battery voltage
•  Lantern operational status (on/off state)
•  Fog signal operational status (2 hours delay/horn muted)
•  Faults and malfuctions (driver failure)

Applications: Monitoring operational status for marine lantern (BrightStar 5nm model) and Essi FaradicWave Fog Signals (models FW/6, FW/3 and FW/1)



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