Safety Systems

When safety and communications are paramount, Essi provides reliable safety systems including industrial fire and gas detection solutions as well as paging and alarm systems, renewable energy power skids and air compressor units. Essi brings the knowledge and experience of industry veterans who understand the unique requirements and conditions to design and commission superior solutions.

Essi engineers, tests, installs and services solutions to meet unique client and site-specific requirements including wall or rack-mount configurations, fixed or handheld portables, and wired or wireless safety systems. With an emphasis on workmanship and excellence, our certified technicians are adept at working with a number of manufacturers including Otis Instruments, Mircom, Detector Electronics Corp, General Monitors/MSA, DetCon and Notifier.

Essi Corporation brings more than 25 years of experience in Safety Systems with ambient air detection systems used to sense toxic and combustible gases. The Essi team is also licensed by the state of Louisiana and the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) to design, service and inspect fire alarm control panels of most makes and models. Call us at (337) 837-3774 to discuss and design the safety solution for your specific application.

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  • Wireless Gas Detection

    Experienced and trained with most brands and models, Essi has been at the forefront of wireless gas detection for over a decade providing equipment sales and services for quality manufacturers including Otis instrumentation, DetCon and General Monitors/MSA. Wirefree gas detection equipment allows for fast and convenient installation and removal for both permanent and temporary systems.

  • Wired Gas Detection

    Providing equipment sales for all major manufacturers of combustible and toxic gas detection, Essi Corporation offers reliable wired systems including both analog and Modbus communication protocols.

  • Conventional Fire Detection

    Licensed by the state of Louisiana and NICET, Essi offers conventional fire detection systems with cost efficient equipment for small- to medium-sized facilities needing smoke detection, heat detection and flame detection.

  • Intelligent (Addressable) Fire Detection

    For medium to large facilities, Essi Corp has experience designing and installing intelligent equipment capable of being networked over large distances. Utilizing facility layouts through touch-screen HMI devices, the systems are programmable and expandable to meet to specific needs.

  • Public Address (PA) and General Alarm (GA) Systems

    Our industrial communications systems provide both person-to-person communication and paging capabilities throughout the facility including telephones, ringdown, speakers, ringers and page/talk products. The alarm solutions feature audible and visual alarming including customized tones as well as audible voice commands. Essi Corporation offers Gai-tronics products for both hazardous and non-hazardous locations with installation and service by qualified technicians.

  • Renewable Energy (Solar) Power Skids

    The Essi custom-engineered renewable energy power skids provide reliable power for equipment to operate in remote locations when no electrical service is available. Skids are individually designed to meet customer’s specific requirements and needs.

    Skids are suitable for both offshore and on land applications with customization for unique facility requirements. The battery powered skids contain Essi Model Galvanic Rechargeable Energy Cells sized for thirty (30) day autonomy and recharged by Essi Model Radiance Solar Energy Generators which are sized with consideration given to Gulf of Mexico solar data.

    Skids can be engineered to power various systems including remote telemetry units (RTUs), automation equipment, safety systems and communication equipment.

  • Single Lift Air Compressor Skid

    The single lift skid is a self-contained unit that provides compressed air that can be used to control instrumentation when fuel gas is either insufficient or unreliable. This package requires just a single lift for placement and features a power-efficient ¾ horsepower air compressor. The skid is battery powered with solar charging ideal for remote locations and can be engineered to meet specific requirements.

  • Dual Air Compressor Cabinet

    This modular system can fit easily into confined spaces such as small satellite platforms or other remote locations. The cabinet features dual ¾ horsepower air compressors for complete redundancy. The skid is battery powered with solar charging suited for non-hazardous locations and can be engineered to meet specific requirements.

  • Explosion Proof Air Compressor Cabinet (single or dual)

    The explosion proof air compressor cabinet has all the features of the dual air compressor cabinet and is rated for hazardous locations. (No spec sheet)